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EAGER AND BLESSED is a statement we live by, a way of life. No matter your religion or who you pray to, we are all Blessed; Blessed with life. Being selected by God to wake up in good health is the greatest opportunity to achieve anything you desire. Therefore, given that opportunity (life) one must be Eager to achieve their desire/desires.


The Official EAB Logo was inspired by founder James Watkins II, and brought to life by a disclosed graphic designer. 


EAGER to Live. What does it mean to "live" to you? Living can mean enjoying the simplicities in life, like nature. Throw an Infinite Blessing Tee on, some gloves, and head outside and enjoy the snow. Your life can be whatever you make it. Don't you miss those snow ball fights as a child with your neighbors? We can always recreate those times by taking advantage when they are presented to us. 


Our mission is to connect spirituality, positivity, and motivation through fashion !